Liner Agency

As of January 2024, SAL has merged with Niels Winther Liner Agencies, combining our expertise to offer enhanced liner services to our clients.

Niels Winther Liner Agencies represents the esteemed Grimaldi Group, renowned for its extensive route network catering to diverse cargo types. With a modern fleet exceeding 100 RoRo vessels, Grimaldi Group serves over 120 ports in 50 countries, ensuring reliable transportation solutions.

Our team at Niels Winther Liner Agencies has an extensive experience in navigating our comprehensive network. We excel in finding optimal routes and crafting tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.

Key benefits of our services include a modern fleet of RoRo multi-purpose vessels, weekly sailings between Europe, West Africa, the Mediterranean, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand – an efficient logistics chain with terminals and personnel in major ports. Additionally, integrated logistics solutions, adherence to high-quality, safety, and environmental standards, and simplified administration are integral parts of our services.

Together with Niels Winther Liner Agencies, we deliver exceptional liner services, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and excellence in every shipment.